In order to connect your different devices to the Wi-Fi network, you need a router. If you want to log into your router and complete the setup process, you can visit the link.  This allows users to access the login page of the router.   The router login is a  simple and easy method to get the settings of the wireless router.   In this post we are going to share the simple step by step instructions,  that can help you to log into your router with  So, read on and find how you can complete the router connectivity process.

How to setup and login to the router?

  • When you purchase a new router it is supposed to be set up and logged in first and only then you can use the router services.  Below is the step by step guidelines to login to the router:

  • You need to connect your modem to the router’s WLAN port with the help of Ethernet Cable. Make sure that you have established a proper network connection.

  • After that,  connect the system you are using for the first time configuration of the router with the LAN port present on the router with Ethernet cable.  Make sure that connection is working fine.

  • Turn off your router a computer and modem.  Wait for a few seconds and turn them on so they can complete the booting process.

  • Now,  open any web browser on your computer and type login in the address bar.  Hit the enter button.  If you are facing any trouble in using the web address you can also log in with default IP address i.e

  • Once you have entered the address,  you will be prompted for entering the default ‘username’ and ‘password’ for the login page. But default, the username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’.

  • If the default address is also not working, you might have made some changes. You can also try to login using the other pre-set password. If it is still not working, you need to reset the router for restoring the router to its factory default.

  • After a successful login, you need to click on the ‘Advanced’ option to check the default IP address of your router.

  • Now, click on the ‘Update’ button and then click to check if any update form where is pending to avoid the login issues.

  • In case any firmware update is available, you need to tap on the ‘Yes’ option to update the firmware.

  • The firmware updater process will take a few minutes. We suggest you to not to interrupt the update process as it can cause troubles in the router, corrupt it or may even make it of no use.

Unable to log in to

There are instances when the user is unable to log in using the login.   The user might have forgotten the password or there is any other trouble with the router login process. However,  this problem can be resolved with the simple steps which help to restore the router back to its factory default. Here are the guidelines user needs to follow:

  • Find the ‘Reset’ button on your router, and press this button using the paper clip or pin.  You have to press and hold this button for about 15 seconds.

  • After that release the button.  The LED lights on the router will start to blink. Once the light is stable and the power light is turning ‘Solid Green; this means the router reset process is completed.

  • When the light becomes stable, the router will be reset and you can use it as per your preference.

Hopefully, These simple steps will help you to complete the process on your device. The mentioned guidelines are very simple to understand and easy to follow. But, if you still have a doubt or there is any other query related to the router login process, contact the experts and seek their assistance to get out of the trouble.